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Geodesic Tree Houses

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

An “arboreal architect” named Dustin Feider is designing upscale tree houses for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Many of the tree houses are based on the geodesic dome which was first made famous by the futurist Buckminster Fuller. The average cost for one of Feider’s tree houses is $20,000. Because of the structure of the domes, they are relatively light and are hung from the tree’s branches with cables. The tree house materials are also fully sustainable. For more information, see Dustin Feider’s O2 Treehouse website and this YouTube video on the construction of one of these tree houses:

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Decorating with Pumpkins

Sunday, October 18th, 2009


Nothing says Fall like pumpkins.  In addition to cooking with pumpkins, you can use them for unique table centerpieces.  Try these ideas for bringing the natural beauty of pumpkins to your table:

  • Fill a basket with small pumpkins, winter berries, pomegranates and glory lilies.
  • White pumpkins are available in many markets.  Create an arrangement with white pumpkins in several sizes, leaves, pine cones and seedpods.
  • Striped yellow pumpkins and small yellow squash can be clustered around a vase of yellow poppies.
  • Combine orange pumpkins with potted succulents and orange orchids in bright pots.
  • Fill a ceramic bowl with persimmons and arrange small pumpkins around it.
  • Who says a pumpkin has to be carved to be interesting?  For more ways to decorate with pumpkins, see this article in Sunset Magazine.

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    Is it Time to Go Solar?

    Thursday, October 08th, 2009


    If you own a home that has a roof or yard space that gets several hours of sun exposure most days, then it could be time to go solar. By installing solar panels, you can cut back on the amount of power you need to purchase from your power utility company. A solar installation professional will be able to help you evaluate your power needs and decide how many solar panels will be appropriate for your home. You don’t need to depend completely on your solar power system, but can use it to replace some of the power you currently purchase from the energy grid.

    Many areas provide tax breaks, rebates and other financial incentives for homeowners who install solar power systems. You can research the incentives online and also find recommendations for qualified solar installation professionals. Your solar power system installer should be able to advise you on local permits and connecting to the utility grid. Solar panels only take a few days to install. Before you know it, you’ll be helping your wallet and doing your part for the environment.

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    Enhancing your Walls with Fabric

    Thursday, October 01st, 2009



    If you’re looking for a way to add interest to a room without spending a lot of money, fabric wall art may be just the thing. In this YouTube video, HGTV designer Taniya Nayak shows how to create stretched fabric panels for hardly any money. Use your own creativity to choose fabrics that complement your wall cover and décor.

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