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Making your Home Pet-Friendly

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

There’s no reason that you need to sacrifice style or comfort just because you have a pet. Many people have learned how to live with animals and still maintain a beautiful home. The key is in choosing the right materials and furniture, including stain-resistent and washable upholstery and bedding. Many homeowners actually choose upholstery fabrics that are similar in color to their pet in order to limit the visibility of shed hair.

It’s a good idea to forgo carpeting in favor of tile or laminate flooring. Painted concrete is another good flooring option for homes with pets. It’s important to perform regular cleaning task like vacuuming, since pet hair has a tendency to build up on furniture and floors. It’s just as important to bathe your pets regularly and keep them groomed.

Visit the HGTV website for more tips for a chic, pet-friendly home.

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Is Your Home Tech Worthy?

Sunday, January 09th, 2011


If you like to entertain at home, it’s time to survey your abode and evaluate its tech worthiness.  Keeping abreast of the latest entertainment technology can improve your life and is sure to impress your guests.  Here are some suggestions on how to make your home tech worthy.

  • Music Speaker Dock – If your music collection is on your iPod, smartphone or computer, you need a way to share your music with guests.  A music speaker dock will let you broadcast music from most audio devices.  There are a wide range of docks available, from simple speakers to multi-feature music systems.  This PC Magazine article provides useful tips on choosing the perfect music speaker dock for your home.
  • HDTV – No home entertainment centre is complete without a flat screen high-definition TV.  You may even want to invest in one of the new 3D TVs.  Whether it’s plasma, LCD or LED, we suggest that wall mount your HDTV.  This CNET review will help you in deciding which HDTV to buy
  • Game Console – The most current trend in game consoles is motion-based controllers.  The trend began with the Nintendo Wii and was followed by the Move controller for the Sony PlayStation 3.  Now Microsoft is getting into the act with Kinect for its Xbox 360.  Kinect is the most advanced motion system yet, with players’ bodies taking the place of hand-held controllers.  Any of these motion-based systems is bound to be a crowd-pleaser at a party or gathering.  Check out Crunchgear for a head-to-head comparison of Move and Kinect.
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