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Smog-Eating Roof Tiles Gaining Popularity in Europe & California

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

One of the newest green-home innovations helps to break down smog in the environment. The concrete tile roof, which is being used by new-home builder KB Home in Southern California, neutralizes nitrogen oxide vehicle emissions. According to Boral Roofing Company, the maker of the tile, a 2000-foot house with a roof made of BoralPure Smog-Eating tile can annually break down the emissions typically produced when a car is driven 10,000 miles.

The tiles have been used in Europe for about 5 years, where they were applied to roadways. The air was noticeably cleaner following tile installation.

KB Home will be installing the smog-eating tiles on new homes in a Martha-inspired community in Eastvale, California. Read more about BoralPure Smog-Eating Tile on the MonierLifetile website and see an informational video on YouTube.

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Tips for Creating a Tranquil Garden

Friday, April 08th, 2011

The Japanese have an aesthetic known as shibui, which is characterized by simple and subtle beauty. You can apply the philosophy of shibui to your garden to create a tranquil space that’s the perfect place to escape from the world.

Here are some tips for applying shibui to create your own tranquil garden:

• Don’t crowd your garden. Leaving some wide open spaces creates a relaxing atmosphere.
• Plant flowers sparingly. An abundance of green foliage with a variety of textures is more restful than the vibrant colors of blossoms.
• Add sculpture, a water feature or other pieces of art to complete your retreat.

Read more shibui suggestions on the Sunset magazine website.

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