How to Winterize Your Windows

During the colder months of the year your home’s drafty windows may be causing you to spend more money on heating.  Here are some suggestions for winterizing your windows:

  • Apply self-stick rubber weather sealing to window frames to keep cold air out.  This is a cheap solution but may come with a high price tag if the sealing leaves residue on your window frames when removed.
  • Use a window insulation kit to insulate your windows with shrink wrap plastic.  This is a cheap, effective solution but some people are not happy with the cloudy look it can give windows.
  • Install cellular window shades or heavy layered curtains to block drafts from your windows.  Cellular shades insulate while still letting in light, but they may not block drafts as well as curtains.
  • See a demo on how to shrink wrap your windows in this YouTube video.

    Date: Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
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