Eco-Friendly Furniture


Today there are a variety of furniture options eco-friendly furniture options available. Products made from FSC-certified wood are guaranteed to be produced under environmentally responsible conditions. FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization that promotes responsible forestry throughout the world. The FSC label is only given to wood products that follow FSC guidelines.

Another eco-friendly furniture choice is bamboo, which is a sustainable substitute for hardwood. Bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested each year without destroying old-growth forests. Bamboo plants mature in about five years, far less than the decades required by many tree. It has the strength of many hardwoods. Non-toxic adhesives are often used in bamboo furniture construction.

Recycled and repurposed composite materials are also used in eco-friendly furniture. These composites may be made from salvaged or scrap wood or from other recycled materials. An example of a composite is Kerei board, which is made from reclaimed sorghum straw. When shopping from composite furniture, avoid the presence of formaldehyde. Many people are sensitive to formaldehyde emissions and will suffer a variety of health problems. Read more about eco-friendly furniture at the Sierra Club Green Home website.

Date: Thursday, March 04th, 2010
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