Focus on Laundry Room Design


For many homeowners, the laundry room is one of the most neglected rooms of the house. Yet when home buyers are touring a home, they’ll be looking long and hard at the laundry room to see if it fits their needs. It pays to invest in laundry room updates, and you may find that you enjoy doing laundry in your updated laundry room.

  • Paint the walls a bright and cheery color. If your basement or utility room doubles as a laundry room, soften unfinished walls with floor to ceiling draperies. Choose an acrylic fabric, which will resist moisture and mildew.
  • An area to fold laundry is a great addition to a laundry room. A counter height table makes a perfect folding station. If you have front-loading appliances, build the counter over your washer and dryer.
  • Place hooks on the wall or add a portable clothes rack so you can place clothes on hangers as they come out of the dryer.
  • Mount an extendable ironing board from the wall or hang it from a door.
  • Add storage units for laundry supplies.
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    Date: Friday, March 12th, 2010
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      I am planning to acquire my own home soon and have been looking at design ideas for various parts of a house. I keep bumping into your image on the web. I like the compactness of it and its functionality but I d not think that the hanging area should be above the sink; rather the shelves should be above the sink and across the machines area which is more child safe, convenient for handwashing and within easy reach of washing machine. There could also be a space for laundry baskets. Love the decorator colour

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