Hands-Free Kitchen Gadgets

One of the most frustrating things about working in the kitchen is trying to get a paper towel or turn on the faucet when your hands are dirty.  Now a new generation of high-tech gadgets solves this problem with cleverly placed sensors.  Automatic touchless gadgets are among the newest and most innovative kitchen accessories.   

iTouchless Towel-Matic Paper Towel Dispenser – This handy gadgets detects your hand and dispenses a paper towel, stopping every time exactly at the towel perforation.  Runs on 4 D size batteries or with optional adapter.     

Touchless Stainless Steel Trashcan – This 13-gallon trash can opens automatically when movement occurs within 6”, then closes after 3 seconds of no movement.  Can also be opened manually. 

Smart Spout Electronic Faucet – Smart kitchen faucet detects your hands and turns on automatically.  The perfect solution when your hands are dirty or when you’re holding a pot or dish.  Faucet can also be turned on manually.

Date: Monday, August 09th, 2010
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