Kitchen Organization


The New Year is a great time to get organized. Chances are that your kitchen cabinets are cluttered and there may even be some outdated foods. The best way to start with kitchen cabinet reorganization is to empty everything out and give the shelves a good cleaning. When replacing the dishes, think about how they’re organization. When plates and bowls are stacked, it can be hard to get the dish you need. Think about using portable shelf organizers to create different levels for storage. Move the items that you don’t use on a daily basis to higher shelves.

kitchenBefore replacing food items in your cabinets or pantry, check for expiration dates and discard expired items. If you can’t remember how long you’ve had an open package, it’s a good idea to toss it. Next, go through and group similar food items together. If you have lots of cans and small bottles, use organizers to store more in less space. Group like items together in the cabinets. For example, put coffee, tea and cocoa together. You’ll save time and money with well organized cabinets that put the food item you need at your fingertips.

For more tips, see this article on the HGTV website.

Date: Thursday, January 14th, 2010
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