Replacing Tile Grout


Tile is becoming a popular floor covering throughout the house.  Unfortunately, the grout between tiles can begin to show dirt and become cracked.  This can really detract from the look of a beautiful tiled surface.  When this happens, replacing the grout is the best solution.  There are several ways to remove grout:

  • Hammer and chisel.  Hold the chisel at a 45 degree angle to the grout and tap it with the hammer.   This is an effective but time-consuming way to remove grout.  The good thing is that chances of damaging the surrounding tiles are minimum when you use care.

  • Grout removal tool.  This inexpensive tool consists of a metal rod with a cutting tip on one end.   You place the cutting tip in the grout and push the rod.  This tool requires a good amount of pressure to be applied and can damage tiles if it slips.

  • Rotary tools.  Using a rotary tool with a blade to cut group is one the fastest and easiest methods for grout removal.  Some skill is required to avoid damaging tiles.

  • Wearing safety goggles is recommended with all of these methods.  Once your old grout is removed, you can clean the area and apply new grout, following manufacturer’s instructions.

    Date: Sunday, July 19th, 2009
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