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Allergy-Proof your Home

Thursday, April 09th, 2009

Spring is a great time to clean the allergens out of your house. We’re talking about mold spores, pollen and dust mites. It sounds like a big job, but here are some tips to make the job more manageable.

1. Keep the air clear. If you have an air conditioner, use HEPA (high-efficient particulate air) filters. If you’re sensitive to pollen, keep windows closed when the pollen count is high.

2. Clear the clutter. Get rid of old newspapers and clothes. Cut down on the number of knick knacks and other dust catchers. Focus on bedrooms, since that’s where you probably spend the most time.

3. Check the bathroom. This is headquarters for mold. Check for leaking pipes and get them fixed. Clean walls, sinks, surfaces and pipes regularly to fight mold growth.

4. Reduce dust catchers. Vacuum carpeting and damp mop floors frequently. If dust is a real problem for someone in your family, consider cutting down on upholstered furniture and carpeting in your home.

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