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House Made of Salvaged Cars

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

The owners of a home in Berkeley, California have made a commitment to green technology and repurposed materials.  The upper walls of the home are made from over 100 salvaged car roofs that have been cut into long tiles and fitted in place. 

Other unique features of the home, which was designed by Wanaselja Architecture include poplar bark shingles on the ground floor that were made from scraps from North Carolina furniture makers. Wood furnishing inside the home are made from locally salvaged wood.

Read more about this eco-friendly home on Gizmag.

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Green Design Ideas for Every Style

Monday, August 16th, 2010

No matter what your personal design style is, you can use the principles of green decorating to create a more eco-friendly home.  Here are a few types for green decorating from HGTV designer Linda Woodrum:

  • Shop Locally – Look for products that are manufactured near your home.  You’ll be supporting the local economy and the items you buy will have required less energy for transport.
  • Keep the Air Clean – Pay attention to cleaning products and paint — avoid toxic fumes whenever possible.
  • Look for Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings – Manufacturers have heard the demand for more eco-friendly furniture and carpets.  Look for sustainable woods like bamboo and for carpets made from natural fibers and recycled materials. 
    Read more of Linda’s suggestions on the HGTV website.  If you have a baby, then you’ll want to read this blog post about creating a green nursery.

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