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Green Apartment Living

Friday, June 04th, 2010


Apartment dwellers may think that adopting green living habits won’t make a difference, but they are wrong.  Every effort in the area of recycling has an impact on overall energy consumption.  Here are some tips for recycling in an apartment complex:

  • In your apartment, separate recyclables such as glass bottles, aluminum cans and paper from other trash (check containers for recycling symbols if you’re not sure).
  • Locate the recycling station in your complex and drop off your recyclables.
  • If your complex doesn’t have a recycling program, work with neighbors to get one stared or drop your recyclables off at a community recycling station.
  • Donate unwanted household items to charities that support resale.

  •  For more information, see the Green Living Guide.

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    The Prefab Glidehouse

    Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

    The Glidehouse is a contemporary prefabricated home designed by Michelle Kaufmann, a leader in the green home design community. The design of the Glidehouse centers on simple, green living. Built in a factory using eco-friendly materials, the Glidehouse takes about a year to be built and costs the same or less than traditional homes which are build on site. Renewable and recyclable materials are used in the Glidehouse, and the design includes sustainable features like windows which are positioned to maximize ventilation and a roof which will support solar panels. Find out more about the Glidehouse at the Michelle Kaufmann Designs website.

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