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Interior Decorating with Zen Style

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Zen style in interior decorating offers a way to turn your home into a calm and quiet retreat. To redecorate your home in the Zen style, begin with the basic characteristics of Zen. Many people connect Zen style with Japan, but it actually has its roots in China. Zen is a branch of the Buddhist religion which uses meditation for purposes of enlightenment. Zen style reflects an inner state of being rather than a rigid set of design rules.

A Zen interior should evoke harmony and a peaceful feeling. It should reflect minimalism and center around references to nature. Muted colors and an absence of clutter are key elements of Zen style, along with a reduction in furniture and ornamental pieces. Furniture pieces with clean lines made of natural materials are a hallmark of Zen style. Elements of wood, water, metal and fire are defining motifs.  If clean lines and a clutter free environment appeal to you, then Zen may be the decorating style for you.

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