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Survey Reports How Americans Feel about Home Ownership

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Caldwell Banker Real Estate recently worked with psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig to find how Americans view home ownership. A survey of 2100 adults was conducted and these were some of the findings:

– 75% of Americans believe that the financial value of a home has been overemphasized instead of the emotional value.

– Home ownership makes people feel rooted, gives meaning to life and makes people feel more secure.

– A home connects it owner to a community and helps them fell part of something bigger than themselves.

– The home you grow up in can take on a personality of its own and seem like another member of your family.

– Investing in a home is also an investment in future memories.

– 95% of American hope that their children will someday own a home.

In general, the majority of Americans still feel that owning a home is a fundamental part of the American Dream. Find out more from Dr. Ludwig about the psychology of home ownership in this YouTube video and visit the Caldwell Banker website.

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