Tips for Maximizing Light during Winter


Avoid letting the gloom of the winter months into your home.  By following a few simple lighting tips, you can keep your home bright, warm and inviting.

  • Dust off bulbs and light fixtures.  It’s amazing how a little settled dust can limit the amount of light that gets through.  When the bulb or fixture is cool, wipe it with a damp cleaning cloth.
  • Maximize outdoor light in your home by keeping curtains open during the day.  If windows have become cloudy or streaked, give them a good cleaning.
  • Put light where you need it.  Install under-cabinet light fixtures in the kitchen to bring light to your counter work area.  Use desk lamps and reading lamps instead of relying on the ambient light from overhead fixtures.
  • Use nightlights to provide illumination at night.  There’s no reason to stumble around in the dark.  Bathroom and hallway nightlights provide just enough light to get around.
  • Focus incandescent lights on your houseplants if light from outdoors is scarce.
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    Date: Thursday, January 07th, 2010
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      desk lamps that uses compact fluorescent bulbs are much better than those that still uses incandescent lamps~*,

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