Transform your Dining Room

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Many of us are eating at home more these days. Saving money, enjoying healthier foods and spending time with family are all good reasons for making more use of our kitchens and dining rooms. If you’re dining room is dingy, cluttered and unappealing, here are some ideas for making it a place where everyone would like to share a meal.

You can quickly transform the look of a dining room with a coat of paint in a new and dramatic color. Even changing the color of just one wall will give the room a new look. Hang some interesting pieces of art which complement the color of the walls. Placemats and table cloths can be used to add splashes of color to the dining room. They can be changed to reflect a mood or season.

If your dining room table has become a parking spot for bills and other clutter, clear it off and try to keep it clear. Add an attractive centerpiece. Fresh flowers are great, but are expensive to refresh on a weekly basis. Inexpensive alternatives include a bowl of fresh fruit or small potted plants. Ivy topiaries also make great centerpieces.

Date: Sunday, July 05th, 2009
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